alx (ininkandcursive) wrote in inmypockets,

my purse, which i guess is actually a huge messenger bag

1- cell phone
2- ipod in handmade case and the headphones
3- wallet
4- zip case containing coke mirror (just a piece of mirror so it's kinda like a coke mirror), and some of those brush-up things
5- tampon
6- nail file
7- 6 pens
8- one pencil
9- 3 lipglosses
10- keys
11- case containing all manner of essentials (pills, knife, eyedrops, hand sanitizer, chapstick, scissors)
12- cigarettes
13- 2 lighters
14- 3d glasses
15- 2 notepads
16- breathmints
17- one piece of paper that says "old town" in marker that i found on the ground in louisville kentucky
18- another paper with a reminder to go to the kvrx meeting and the other side says raymond's dorn phone number on it
19- napkins
20- sugar packet
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