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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
10:49 am

oh man it's been a year + two days, i'm a terrible community-creator.

SO ANYWAYZ, huge leather turquoise hobo bag:
$ two sheets of gold seals
$ grandma glasses
$ small agenda book wrongly believed to be for left-handed people by my ex-boyfriend
$ a blue slider pencil case containing drafting pencils, pilot precise v5 pens in every color, lead, and a large array of ultra-fine point sharpies
$ yellow leather-and-snakeskin wallet
$ burt's bees beeswax & banana hand creme
$ orbit peppermint gum
$ too many index cards
$ an advertisement for carl's jr's $6 burger, complete with coupons!
$ the believer april 2007
$ last week's issue of the economist

Friday, December 29th, 2006
10:27 am - it's been a cool minute

in my gap bag:
$ metal container in the shape of an m&m containing peppermints
$ casey's agenda book
$ bratz notebook in which i write upside-down
$ orbit original flavored gum
$ pocket tissue
$ small mirrored bag containing a kiss lighter (yes, the band), a bottle opener, a shortened straw, a pair of tweezers, three condoms
$ red patent leather wallet recently acquired from urban outfitters, containing my school i.d., numerous gift cards, a credit card, a razor, tons of change, a twenty-dollar bill, a ten-dollar bill, and a bunch of singles
$ a splitter (lets two headphones listen to one player, it's amazing)
$ burt's bees cherry lip gloss in pot form
$ burt's bees lip balm in tube form
$ two pilot precise v5 extra-fine pens, one black, one red
$ the december 23rd, 2006 - january 5th, 2006 issue of the economist
$ a copy of richard wright's black boy
$ a copy of niccolo machiavelli's the prince and the discourses
$ a pack of camel turkish golds
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
12:43 am

no more high school for me! time to clean out the pockets in my backpack.
1) directions to my friend's house written on the back of a senior bulletin
2) 2 melted jolly ranchers
3) triangular paper clips
4) 2 sharpies: green, blue
5) assorted pens, pencils
6) a note written in loopy handwriting:
what is up with moody's hair? she is a gypsy queen.

7) lone headphones
8) various receipts for smoothies, sandwiches, other places where i'd skip school
9) blistex
10) calculator
11) sticker booklet
12) picture i picked up in a kohl's parking lot.
13) broken keychain
14) 11 superballs from the superball machine in upstairs 100
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
6:32 pm - my purse, which i guess is actually a huge messenger bag
ininkandcursive 1- cell phone
2- ipod in handmade case and the headphones
3- wallet
4- zip case containing coke mirror (just a piece of mirror so it's kinda like a coke mirror), and some of those brush-up things
5- tampon
6- nail file
7- 6 pens
8- one pencil
9- 3 lipglosses
10- keys
11- case containing all manner of essentials (pills, knife, eyedrops, hand sanitizer, chapstick, scissors)
12- cigarettes
13- 2 lighters
14- 3d glasses
15- 2 notepads
16- breathmints
17- one piece of paper that says "old town" in marker that i found on the ground in louisville kentucky
18- another paper with a reminder to go to the kvrx meeting and the other side says raymond's dorn phone number on it
19- napkins
20- sugar packet
12:27 pm

i have several pockets in one of my school bags, & here's the stuff in one of them.

01 $9.77
02 two pencils
03 one red pen
04 some girl's school id from two years ago
05 a note to dmitry
06 lemon mint ricola
07 max's old leatherman
08 hair tie
09 lipsmackers sugar plum lip balm (it's backup lip balm)

i also keep things tucked in the space between my ap us history book & the cloth cover:

01 two notes btwn eve & i
02 2 blank index cards
03 a red envelope
04 a flyer for some concert at school
05 "high renaissance - CONTEXT" index card
06 a polaroid
07 a children's drawing
08 two folded-up essays
Saturday, April 1st, 2006
12:22 pm

hello & welcome to in my pockets! let's get this started:

pockets of the black coat i wore last night:
01 wrigley's extra cool green apple gum
02 strawberry chapstick
03 a yellow lighter
04 a pack of turkish golds
05 a black pilot precise pen
06 $12 & some change i don't feel like counting
07 a letter
08 a peach ring
09 two mini milky way bars
10 address to sammy's house


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